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Remembered For A While

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today with a few meanings. First,  this years christmas wish list schmankerl

– Saturday Sun, 1970 from the album


Second wish list aspirant –  the fantastic book release from the

Soul Jazz Label


Disco: An Encyclopedic guide to the cover art of disco. 400-page 12″x12″ featuring more than 2,000 album cover designs (including hundreds of full-size covers) as well as over 350 12-inch sleeves

phantasmagorial !!! examples…

D1 – Skyy, Here’s To You 1980




Remembered, because already released in october, the new Tony Allen album – gooood !!


Floating Points will be remembered for this late 14s tune

– Nuits Sonores


this year will be sadly remembered for too much war and political insanity. Next year will be definitely time for some changes

– Time For Some Changes, 1976 from the album



Where Is The Love ?

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the year starts with old and new conflicts – where is the love ?

– Where Is The Love, 1967 Reissue 7Inch


what we need ?  more personalities like Abie Nathan 29.April 1927 † 27.August 2008


come down easy tune for the weekend

– Dream Gerrard, 1974 from the album


or optional the optical relaxation

Danke, Gut

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Danke, Gut means thanks for asking

– Danke Gut ( Doppelkopf Rmx. ), 1999 from better hiphop days


the year starts with lots of upcoming releases. Most of them…………………………okay, focus on reissues

first knaller !! – at last on 7Inch

– Mad Mouth Woman


next a roller skate deluxe premium tune – sadly limited, sadly sold, but !!!!

– Stephen Encinas, Disco Illusion

Disco1typically Pilooski, typically catchy, !!!!!!

– Francis Bebey, Bissao Edit

Pifor today we send sensitive soul – AOR, also known as Yacht Rock at his best

– Sensitive Soul, 1978 from the album

JC2014 will not be easier, but we stay on strrrong


3 Jahre Musik Department Berlin

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– On the 15. February 2010 we opened the MUSIK DEPARTMENT in our old location at Invaldienstrasse 159.



Meanwhile we had to move and we are pretty happy with the new address & rooms.



we wanna thank all customers, music enthusiasts, supporters, curious & friendly peoples & folks , who passed by through the years. We wanna keep on with kindness, quality & the classical engagement of old school retail sale.



– Lou Johnson, 1972 from the album


Musik Department Berlin – Musik für alle

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Jerker Kluge, bass player from Munich/Germany is well known in the jazz scene for a long time with his distinct projects as “The Hi-Fly Orchestra”, “Hipnosis” or “Bad Jazz Troupe”. The new project

- Deep Jazz – is handmade, indigenous and simple a fantastic deep release. CD only

– Little Sunflower

– Spirits Up Above

one of these songs, you hear and will never forget

– Cosmic Boxer from the album

Dancefloor polish made in 1983

– Lucky by

– Seeds, 7Inch by

next album was released last year, but it’s still a fantastic mixture of modern and classical brazilian sounds – CD only

have a fantastic weekend, wherever

Waxpoetics Issue 50

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The ten-year-anniversary, resized, and redesigned Issue 50: The Prince Issue, with Frank Ocean, Larry Graham, Morris Day, Jesse Johnson, the Family, Grand Central, Madhouse, DJ Quik, Questlove, Toro y Moi, and Blood Orange.


Don Cornelious = Soul Train

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This week Don Cornelious died. He created the longest running TV show in America, Soul Train.

Growing up in West Berlin in the 70ies, in the south of the city, means to have more, than the usual three TV programs at that time in Germany. I had six ! West German TV 1 & 2, third program by the SFB(Sender Freies Berlin), DDR/GDR TV 1 & 2 AND

AFN, the TV ( and of course the radio ) program for the US Soldiers and families. Mostly in horrible quality, but you had the chance to see NBA finals live ! at 4a.m. in the morning and of course being flashed by the SOUL TRAIN

what that means, you can see here -

70ies show

you learned a lot about music, style, how to move, how to dance and just to have a real good time

sad day

always open minded – 80ies show

like he said – absolute smash


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