It’s my thing

There are these days, if things do not work out. So today we planed something nice about vocal groups, but…..

What we love, what we need – Music on CD, Vinyl, Tape, sometimes mp3 and filmed as a document to realize what we are missing in todays times – !!!  Quality !!!

It’s my thing , your thing , our thing

and for bon vivants of music released on CD – this weekes Compilation of the month. Peoples Potential Family Album.

A fantastic build up of the Releases from the PPU Label.

Enjoy !!


Eine Antwort to “It’s my thing”

  1. achim Says:

    8 Uhr früh an einem Pfingstmontag…und schon gerät der Pfingstochse
    mächtig gewaltig in Wallung…die People haben Potential und Bernd
    noch die Musik dazu…herrjeh, out of the way!

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