Data Overkillekille

Okaay, wordpress do not like our player, so we have to reload most of the last posted music tracks.We will do this as fast as possible, that you can enjoy the stuff  we like and love and want to share with you.The other chance is to visit our store and for sure we will find something nice for you and your temper.

This is not a picture of our data office.This friendly guy is Bruno Spoerri.A swiss guy with huge machines and fantastic sounds.Of course you can by this CD at the Musik Department.

In the meantime we would like that you spend a little time with this fantastic video.

thank you and a fantastic week where ever you are !!!


Eine Antwort to “Data Overkillekille”

  1. Herrliches Blubbern…aus der Kugel des Glücks…gar nicht sperrig, Herr

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