Quarrel & Hesitate

Today is what we call – the day of quarrel & hesitate folks.The peoples are unmotivated, undecided and not really in the mood to find ( and of course to buy ) some music or a nice book to quite the mind –                        but then……………..

someone opened the door and ask – do you buy CDs ? and showed us three CDs.We were surprised, we bought them, we are happy and listen to them until we close, because three fantastic electro classics from the good old 90s days.

No.1 Norken, Soul Static Bureau on Hydrogen Dukebox/Beau Monde – 1999

– Gone

– The Visit

– Eve

No.2 To Rococo Rot, The Amateur View on City Slang  – 1999

– Telema

– Die Dinge des Lebens

– Greenwich

No.3 Voice Stealer,  The All Electric House on Subvert – 1997

– Unintensional

and finally a little Hymn for us.

Of course we resell these little pearls.So first come…………………………….

– Evaluation


Eine Antwort to “Quarrel & Hesitate”

  1. Knuffige Hymne des Stimmendiebs…sehr belebend…see ya tomorrow!

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