Archiv No.6 – Beige is funky

Beige is funky ?

– Ken Nordine, beige,  taken from the album Colours – 1966

and this beige romanian band is simple funky


2 Antworten to “Archiv No.6 – Beige is funky”

  1. Andras Fertö Says:

    Wonderful discovery. The Russian text at the beginning says that it’s a Moldavian folk song – funky Moldova! So, while it’s actually sung in Romanian those funky guys would have called it Moldovian then and would have considered themselves as being from Moldova, not Romania.

    I wonder though, if those bras (if any) really do their job. On the other hand, they were busy making missiles, tanks and rockets in the USSR then – tough times for bra designers 😉

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