Does the Record Store Day makes sense ?

we say yes and NO – why ?

to many releases and much to many idiots, sometimes called fans, musicmaniacs or diggler.

We start this morning at 11am with 5 different Record Store Day Vinyls. We ordered 26 different.

In contrast to last years dynamic, because of questions and preorders via telephone, email and passing by this day makes sense. New customers, mainly friendly and simple fans of different bands and genres.Nice conversations with Music Lovers like us !

Now we have almost 3pm and all of the stuff we ordered is sold, apart from the Derek & the Dominos 7Inch.

So I had a look at that internet platform starting with e and ending with y – the result

shake off the head

5. Derek and the Dominos 7Inch found for 29.99€ – we sell for 8.95€

4. Rolling Stones 7Inch found for 39.99€ – we sold for 8.95€

3. Nirvana Tour EP’93 found for 59.95€ – we sold for 19.95€

2. Queen 7Inch found for 59.95€ – we sold for 8.95€

1. the most asked for vinyl today – Radiohead 12Inch – we hadn’t, actuel auction ends in 5hours.Momentary price    130Dollars

No, thats not our kind of business.

Thanks to all the “ normal “ fans and customers

– This is the Lost Generation from the album


2 Antworten to “Does the Record Store Day makes sense ?”

  1. A great big RIGHTLY SO and QUITE!!!

    From a regular guy:)

  2. Yeah, sad but true.
    I´d love to get hold of some of these records, but I won´t reward these *bay golddiggers…

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