Don Cornelious = Soul Train

This week Don Cornelious died. He created the longest running TV show in America, Soul Train.

Growing up in West Berlin in the 70ies, in the south of the city, means to have more, than the usual three TV programs at that time in Germany. I had six ! West German TV 1 & 2, third program by the SFB(Sender Freies Berlin), DDR/GDR TV 1 & 2 AND

AFN, the TV ( and of course the radio ) program for the US Soldiers and families. Mostly in horrible quality, but you had the chance to see NBA finals live ! at 4a.m. in the morning and of course being flashed by the SOUL TRAIN

what that means, you can see here –

70ies show

you learned a lot about music, style, how to move, how to dance and just to have a real good time

sad day

always open minded – 80ies show

like he said – absolute smash


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