Listen to me !

– Listen To Me, 1967 by

before we have really something very special for you this week, we enjoy Something Very Special by

aaahhh, Now Again did it again. Something very special for all of us. For sure- early compilation of the year

CD and triple vinyl

– Luther Davis, You can be a star

– UPC All Stars, Don’t Get Discouraged

Now Again says – The definitive survey of America’s best, independent 70’s Soul-Ensembles. 15 rare and unreleased tracks, 80-page book with rare photos and each band’s story.

– Rhythm Machine, Put A Smile On Time

would you like to fly away ? wherever you will find your Fly Paradise – enjoy !!

– Fly Paradise by Barbara Moore, 1972


Eine Antwort to “Listen to me !”

  1. Yet another stroke of genius by THE SELECTOR…exquisite choice
    of the smoothest sounds…RESPECT!

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