MPS – Most Perfect Sound

– MPS by the Singers Unlimited, 1972 from the album

this is an aerial picture from the MPS/SABA studios in Villingen/Germany

thats it – the most perfect sound, to find in music. On CD, Vinyl or a mp3. Every Day, every week – daily business.

The Record Store Day was a fine day. New, old customers. About 25 releases in stock. Most of the people just in a relaxed mood – but

more of these kind of  days would be more than helpful .Simple question – why do “people“ need a cause to be releaxed and spend more money than usual.

Anyway – we say thank you

next project from starts with a download for free

– No.2, Dean Blunt feat. Inga Copeland aka Hype Williams

now the album, Future Soul for your pituitary

– No.2, from the album Ebony, 2012

– No.9

Readers know, we love the Numero Label – and again and again new superb release

–  Don’t Challenge Me by the Makers

– One More Time by Steve Elliot. Both from the album

thrift store, flea market aspirant – take it

– It’s So Different Here, 1978

and this is our weekend smoothie

– Priced to Sell byFunk Inc. from the album


Eine Antwort to “MPS – Most Perfect Sound”

  1. Fa-Fa-Fa Says:

    No2 ist mein absoluter Favorit. Echt cooler Song!

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