Spaced Out

Since the 20.October we do daily business, finally. Great feeling to share – again –  music with peoples, customers, friends. We say – postulate & stimulate.

Daily a little robot sends pictures from mars, but the german monopole in telecommunication – Telekom – needs more than weeks for clearing a internet/telephon connection. I do this from my home computer. This is some kind of Spaced Out

when you love this, like us go here

– La Melodia, Spaced Out Instrumental – fantastic !!

this is one of our favorite autumn tunes for this year

– Flowers by Andrew Ashong & Theo Parrish, taken from the 12Inch

Greg Foat, mmmh – do you remember this pearl from 2011

the new album will be released on this years 30.November. First teaser – Girl and Robot with Flowers 10Inch

this weeks fluffy tune

– One to One, 1976 by Jan Hammer taken from the album

thanks for being interested in our space


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