Schade means Bummer

Wordplay – schade means in german bummer. In schooldays we said – haha, you know Schade, meaning Sade

The original article was canceled by wordpress. The told us , they received a DMCA Takedown Notice. Why? we don’t know. So we have a hunch, but we wanna replace the rest. Here we are

we loved the Holy Other EP – With U.

We also love the full album – Held

– Where by Holy Other

– Held

for fans of especial voices and creamy pop. New album by Purity Ring works

from the album Shrines

after actual sounds for today our fender classic of the week. If todays sounds will work the same way in thirtyfive years is a different cup of tea. We stay curious, because we love muuuuusic

Poobli, 1977 by Alphonse Mouzon


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