Quadratgesichter – means quad faces, could mean blinkered/unconvincible. This song by austrian Peter Horton is not only good, because of the arrangement. Lyrics are fantastic, too

– Quadratgesichter, 1981 from the albumPH

friendly does not mean boring, for us. Simple must not be negativ. We enjoy the album from Rhye

– The Fall

– Shed Some Blood, 2013 both from the album

RHyeabstract, some kind of fonky sounds from the omega supreme label

– Never can get enough, 2012 by Turqouise Sommers

– Garden Sounds, 2013 by Sasac


Chazwick Bundick, aka Toro Y Moi and his never ending output – awesome


this time on Caribou’s Jialong Label with his project Les Sins. For sure one of 2013s spring hymns – Gross !!!!

– Grind

Les Sins

– thanks for being interested in our space. We wish you a peaceful weekend, wherever



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