Sound and Vision on a clear day

In february 2013  Bek David Campbell, also known as Beck did that kind of version, where you can just sit down and enjoy. A 160 peaces orchestra with people from the Daptone Label, a Gospel Choir, a few guitarists, ….amazing

– sooo enjoy

– On A Clear Day You Can See Forever, 1968 by the Peddlers from the album


for the weekend some sounds and visions, also named Bild & Ton. For sure you know this man


every visionary has his roots, beginnings. This archiv masterpiece shows, that Mr.Zappa quite early had an idea of his very personal way, aged 23 – amazing


Eine Antwort to “Sound and Vision on a clear day”

  1. Very cool Peddlers….priceless Frank….right on!!!

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