Sofa smoothie and Hermann Zapf

sofa smoothie for this weekend

– Carlos Primero, 2015 from the album

Opezwhole album !!! for fans of early Calexico, or Friends Of Dean Martinez

– A Place In The Sun, 2000 from the album

FOone of our june favorites

– Kojak The Frog, 2015 from the album

KSnice ! Poland 1970

Marylasomething different – this month Hermann Zapf, age 96 died. He was a german typograph. A  lettering connaisseur. Finland will dispose in 2016 cursive at junior schools. The focus will be learning and “writing“ on keypads. – sadsadsad these developments

The government should have a look on this document


Eine Antwort to “Sofa smoothie and Hermann Zapf”

  1. Ludzie, Ludzie…sehr luzide, Herr Bernd!

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