Do You Realize ?

– Do You Realize, 1978 from the album


or rather, did you realize we had a little writing break on our visual business card. We already wrote about our critical view on this years dynamics on vinyl prices/ new releases. We notice a comprehensible reluctance on our customers, to pay more than 12€ for a 7Inch, more than 15€ for a 12Inch and 26 to 30€ ( and more ) for a longplay. At once power online sellers with cut prices  for new stuff- that makes simply – for us –  no sense. Verifiable our buying prices are the selling prices in Great Britain and the US. That makes no sense, too.

break – still one of our fav. music documentary

Second problem is the most horrible pressing quality, specially on reissues. Bad copies made from mp3’s. – spooky. Today we read that Ed Motta recommend the reissue from the James Walsh Gypsy Band.

we researched and found this product info –

This is the first vinyl release ever, originally only released as a CD-R by the band, licensed official release limited to 500 copies, on a new 180G vinyl with high quality (sic!) cover.

So? Originally released 1979. Released on a CD-R ? when? in the video James is written Jemes. Master tapes or from mp3? doesn’t matter. Everything is possible. It has to be limited and soon expensive on discogs – stormy days for classic sellers

– Stormy, 1970 from the album


by the way – whenever you have the chance to see these three friendly persons live !!


their debut album History Of Flight is  gorgeous !


in summary – we love our job and our way will ever be


but please – affordable



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