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Soul Train

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Destiny Frasqueri (formerly known as Princess Nokia) made for us this years summer tune & video



The Final Thing

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– The Final Thing, 1978 from the album

JFour “final thing“ for today, after a fantastic summer’s day here in Berlin – this weekends lazy afternoon special

blogcover1.jpg – The Garden, 1974 B – Side from the 7Inch

NFand of course – όχι , no, nein, non, njet !!!!

Sofa smoothie and Hermann Zapf

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sofa smoothie for this weekend

– Carlos Primero, 2015 from the album

Opezwhole album !!! for fans of early Calexico, or Friends Of Dean Martinez

– A Place In The Sun, 2000 from the album

FOone of our june favorites

– Kojak The Frog, 2015 from the album

KSnice ! Poland 1970

Marylasomething different – this month Hermann Zapf, age 96 died. He was a german typograph. A  lettering connaisseur. Finland will dispose in 2016 cursive at junior schools. The focus will be learning and “writing“ on keypads. – sadsadsad these developments

The government should have a look on this document

Hans *James* Last 1929 – 2015

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JL1Growing up in the 70ies BRD/West Germany kids were inevitable being impressed with the sound of James Last. Million seller with his self named Happy Sound. There was for sure not one grandparents record collection with minimum three James Last releases.

– For Better, For Worse – 1975

JL4but not only Happy Sound. He was definitely in the Morricone league

– Was Ich Dir Sagen Will – 1974

JL3this is more the characteristic sound of this definitely last german first league orchestra leader – sadsad, but thank you for learning hours in grandma’s music corner.

Here & Now

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a little new annoying trend – people asking for vinyls, naturally knowing not to find in a “normal“ record store. Like – i know impossible to find, but you don’t have by chance……or – yeah maan, i saw it on discogs for 89€, but i thought maybe…..

simple daily business. Next one, is another candidate for this category, but !! the italian Schema label made them possible for you & me.

Two times LP+CD, or 2CD of this schmankerl (i know already the questions – …..ooooh, you have only the reissues. Any chance you have the originals…….). We simple enjoy the music.


– Bagliori, 1973

LM2our last copys from RSD 2015 sadly gone, but still favourite tunes so far for this year. Remix 10Inch from this 2011 release

MIT – Beatin‘ tha breaks/Freddie Joachim Remix

– Beatin‘ tha breaks/Fouk Remix

MITgoodgoodgood – DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson acoustic session for their 2015 debut album


BERLIN FOLKS & GUESTS – this vinyl


stands the last three years for five or 5€ in the soul section. This is simply veryveryvery sad. I will NOT put it into the 2€ section !

on the vinyl – of course – the11.45min. version

– Float On, 1977

Revolutions On Air

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Cover36as always – we learn daily. Short informative documentary, about 80ies Radio days in New York

RSD 2015 – A Tear and a Smile

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– A tear and a smile, 1975 from the Album


this years Record Store Day was reaaally a pleasure for us.

a tear, because of the delivery rate from most of the releases we ordered. Second tear (not really) to this Berlin colleague, who placed on saturday 4p.m. the U2 RSD release on ebay for 100€ – buy it know –  option.

a smile to all visitors, conversations, friendly words from friends and sometimes secret friends

– Secret Friend, 1980 CD only bonus track from the Album


this bittersweet tune is a romantic 7Inch from super young Marianne Rosenberg. Lyrics – she wrote times after times love letters on pink paper to Paul, but he never answered.

– Mr. Paul McCartney, 1970 from the 7Inch