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War – What is it good for?

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the german government said two weeks ago yes to war. We say

War – What is it good for? Absolutely nothing !!! Mash up in their face !

because, it’s your mind

– It’s Your Mind, 1967 from the Paupers album Magic People


the british Art Yard label released for christmas – what should i buy for my freak butty – partners a real limited to 1000 books schmankerl. We got a few copies. Buying price 69€


Twenty years after its first publication, ART YARD are proud to present the fully revised 2nd edition of Hartmut Geerken’s long unobtainable Omniverse – Sun Ra, a definitive hitch-hiker’s guide to the Sun Ra galaxy.

New full colour images of hundreds of Sun Ra album covers, posters, handbills and ephemera, including reproductions of rare hand drawn and coloured LP sleeves. 304 Pages

something different. There were rumours, about the owners of the first ten numbered albums of Beatles White album – the four fab himself. No.0000005 had two years ago the final price of 80.000$. Ringo Starr sold his last copy with no.0000001 on Dec.05 for unbelievable 790.000$


our friends of Mo Kolours released these days their 2015 album. We enjoy a version of Stranglers Golden Brown

Texture Like Sun (Golden Brown), 2015 from the album


also finally released for 2015 the side project from Radioheads Jonny Greenwood – Junun


former Kraftwerk member Florian Schneider collaborates with Dan Lacksman ( ex Telex member ) for a project against plastic pollution in worldwide oceans.

– Stop Plastic Polution

here a real rare moment (08./09.Dec. in Paris on an event for Parley for the Oceans) of privat words from Florian Schneider. About his motivation for this project, why, when…..the most impressive moment of feeling ashamed is, when ignorant attendees while the music stand up and go.

this was the last post for this year  – simply –  Peace wherever !!!



Where Is The Love ?

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the year starts with old and new conflicts – where is the love ?

– Where Is The Love, 1967 Reissue 7Inch


what we need ?  more personalities like Abie Nathan 29.April 1927 † 27.August 2008


come down easy tune for the weekend

– Dream Gerrard, 1974 from the album


or optional the optical relaxation

Here Is Where The Love Is

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wonderful CD Reissue on this Modern Soul classic

– Here Is Where The Love Is,

– Deeper and Deeper, 1975 both from the album


Instrument ? Guitar – The Beat ? Bossa Nova – Implicitness ? a cigarette in the studio

different times, mellow schmankerl for this weekend

or when you like the full show

– I Concentrate On You, 1967 from the album


Listen to me !

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– Listen To Me, 1967 by

before we have really something very special for you this week, we enjoy Something Very Special by

aaahhh, Now Again did it again. Something very special for all of us. For sure- early compilation of the year

CD and triple vinyl

– Luther Davis, You can be a star

– UPC All Stars, Don’t Get Discouraged

Now Again says – The definitive survey of America’s best, independent 70’s Soul-Ensembles. 15 rare and unreleased tracks, 80-page book with rare photos and each band’s story.

– Rhythm Machine, Put A Smile On Time

would you like to fly away ? wherever you will find your Fly Paradise – enjoy !!

– Fly Paradise by Barbara Moore, 1972

If You Think You’re Groovy

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pass by – have a look, have a talk, have a listen – enjoy healing music

I Follow The Sun

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a wonderful sunny day here in Berlin

– I follow the Sun, 1964 from the album

we are definitely Beatles fraction

– Tell me what you see, 1965

– In my Life, 1965

Flying from the movie the Magical Mystery Tour, 1967

– by the way.Does someone can explain to IT selfmadepseudopros like us, how to incorporate a gif file into wordpress(we have a fantastic Beatles gif. we wanna share with you, but it will not work – daaamned)

One Year Musik Department Berlin

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On Saturday Feb. 06, 2010 we opened the door. The first year wasn’t easy, but we still have a lot of fun, are motivated and we think (and hope), that what we are doing makes sense.

Our first promotion postcard in Feb.2010

we say thank you to all customers, readers, friends, supporters and peaceful people whereever.

for this weekend three west german floorshakers from the sixties – ENJOY !!

one of our favourites – Pat Simon, Small Town – 1967

and Howard Carpendale, Lebenslänglich – 1966

and finally Chris Andrews, Mitten im Winter ( in the middle of Winter ) – 1969