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Sofa smoothie and Hermann Zapf

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sofa smoothie for this weekend

– Carlos Primero, 2015 from the album

Opezwhole album !!! for fans of early Calexico, or Friends Of Dean Martinez

– A Place In The Sun, 2000 from the album

FOone of our june favorites

– Kojak The Frog, 2015 from the album

KSnice ! Poland 1970

Marylasomething different – this month Hermann Zapf, age 96 died. He was a german typograph. A  lettering connaisseur. Finland will dispose in 2016 cursive at junior schools. The focus will be learning and “writing“ on keypads. – sadsadsad these developments

The government should have a look on this document


RSD 2015 – A Tear and a Smile

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– A tear and a smile, 1975 from the Album


this years Record Store Day was reaaally a pleasure for us.

a tear, because of the delivery rate from most of the releases we ordered. Second tear (not really) to this Berlin colleague, who placed on saturday 4p.m. the U2 RSD release on ebay for 100€ – buy it know –  option.

a smile to all visitors, conversations, friendly words from friends and sometimes secret friends

– Secret Friend, 1980 CD only bonus track from the Album


this bittersweet tune is a romantic 7Inch from super young Marianne Rosenberg. Lyrics – she wrote times after times love letters on pink paper to Paul, but he never answered.

– Mr. Paul McCartney, 1970 from the 7Inch



Remembered For A While

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today with a few meanings. First,  this years christmas wish list schmankerl

– Saturday Sun, 1970 from the album


Second wish list aspirant –  the fantastic book release from the

Soul Jazz Label


Disco: An Encyclopedic guide to the cover art of disco. 400-page 12″x12″ featuring more than 2,000 album cover designs (including hundreds of full-size covers) as well as over 350 12-inch sleeves

phantasmagorial !!! examples…

D1 – Skyy, Here’s To You 1980




Remembered, because already released in october, the new Tony Allen album – gooood !!


Floating Points will be remembered for this late 14s tune

– Nuits Sonores


this year will be sadly remembered for too much war and political insanity. Next year will be definitely time for some changes

– Time For Some Changes, 1976 from the album




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– Potential, 1975 from


same old story, every week, every month – tons of releases, but…….potential?

to grow up in west-germanys 70ies you had this tune for weekly routine of waiting

a unconditional candidat for potential is Tommy Guerrero. Ex member of the skate legends Bones Brigade with an again strrrong album

– The Viper, 2014

– Locos Lament , 2014 both from the album


store tune of the day – Linton Kwesi Johnson, also known as LKJ, the master of British Reggae Poetry

– Loraine, 1980 from the album

Johnson, Linton Kwesi - Bass Culture [CD a]

already released, but still…………..African Shakedown No.2


– Eddie C – O Ye

polish 70ies crime funky soundtrack from the Reissue on Finders Keepers


socialmediainternetwhateverusefulfor fund for this month – album covers on google maps





Free Your Mind ……

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Free Your Mind… and Your Ass Will Follow, 1970


Free your mind ?!   demand or self-concept ? it’s up on you !! we do, daily

too much releases, releases. releases. releases.releases.releases.releases.releases.releases, but this one – mmmh

Berlin meets Detroit, nothing new ? Von Oswald meets Atkins. More oldschool flavoured, but gooood

– Electric Garden

– Treehouse, both 2013 from the album