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Peace and Rhythm

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Idris Muhammad – * 13. November 1939 † 29. Juli 2014


– Peace, 1971 from the album


next up – traditional thai-isan music. Mainly for countrified ceremonys in the north of thailand, almost field recordings in a different style

laid back, professional (check the break after 60sec.) – we love it

hooked on ? release date end of august for Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band


hang on for more ? hang on !! new release on the BBE Label

– Hang On, Nigeria 1979


flea market schnäppchen surprise – stupid cover, but german balearic smoothie for 2014

– Fühl Dich Frei, 1982


and finally one of the! upcoming reissues for 2014. The Mr Bongo Label blessed us with a brazilian gem deluxe from Hareton Salvagnini

– KM110, 1974s EP killer supremely schmankerl

– Confissao




My Hero, Zero

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Last Saturday we had a really nice succesful RSD. It seems, both groups – before and behind the counter –  were pleased. Strange note of that day. Not one or 1 of three fantastic reissues from belgian fusion jazz combo Placebo (with Marc Moulin) were sold.

– You Got Me Hummin‘, 1971 from the album


also, we tried to find a new owner for this fine release

– Tainted Love, 1965 from


no chance means zero

sold – all Kylie Minogue 7Inches and Oasis 12Inches. What does that mean ? Nothing, but happy customers.

for this weekend new releases

– Pop ( Instrumental)

– Pillars , both 2014 from the album


this one beams us to the 90s quality nights here in Berlin – old but new = fantastic !

– Acid Test 09, 2014 from Tin Man and Donato Dozzy



regularly readers know – we love our soundtrack without a movie category. This months tune

– Clear Passage, 2014


Symbol is the solo effort of producer and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Royal King. Best known as a founding member and lead guitarist of the massive orchestral-rock ensemble This Will Destroy You


have a fantastic weekend wherever !!


Song with no Name or Soundtrack without a Movie

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– Song with no Name, 1971 from the album


today first time sun, after really frosty days here in Berlin. We wanna keep it mellow. Next up the gorgeous Pye Corner Audio from the upcoming Black Mill Tapes 1-4 Box. Folks say – John Carpenter meets BOC, we say Soundtrack without a Movie

– Electronic Rhythm No.3

– Transcription Service

PyeGummy Soul ? yep, one of these fine labels with schmoooth releases like Wally Clarke


– Holla

– Hibiscus – hooked on it ? please go here

finally another yummy from the David Crosby album –  check the whole one !!

– Cowboy Movie

Spaceplattehave a fantastic weekend wherever

The Sixth Sense

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– The Sixth Sense, 1993 from the album


a fast & straining year ends. The sixth sense more important, than ever. The awareness could only be

amazement not to be amazed. Helpful – all day music


– All Day Music, 1971 from the album


for fans of Headcoatees and Charlotte Gainsbourg

– Alicante

– Cold Was The Ground, 2013 both from the new Liminanas album Costa Blanca


yep, this man is still alive


Ginger Baker, a real oldschool personality. Fresh in a movie theatre (hopefully) near you – the documentary !!!!


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– Summertime, 1971 from the 7Inch


Summertime, daily unspectacular business. For this week some mellow summer tunes.

Baden gehn – schön. Du kannst Waden sehen, das ist schön

Go bathing – nice. You can see calves, that is nice

– Baden gehn, 1972 from the album

Premier Exif JPEG

– Love On A Summer Night, 1982 from the album


– Indian Summer, 1970 from the album


and of course THE summer classic


Ways of Days

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– Ways of Days, 1977 from the album

Ways of Days, better to cope with MUSIC

– The Other Side Of Town, 1973 from the album

– I only have eyes for you, 2012 from Oneohtrix Point Never. To transform a classic into todays sound – unbelievably version

– Easin‘ Through, 1977 from the album

we hope you will find your personal road for the ways of days

– The Road, 1970 from Chicago. They were good before they did “hits“

ARP500 – Fender Rhodes – A100

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– ARP500

The Who – Baba O’Riley on ARP500

Herbie Hancock explains Fender Rhodes

– Florian Schneider

Kraftwerk – die Mensch Maschine on A100