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by the way

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1972 from the album


by the way – after two business months in 2016 we simply conclude, that the major industry forces the disinterest on classic retail sale. Why ? wholesale prices for new releases again up and away. THIS MAKES NO SENSE for all participants ! we called major label Sony/BMG in munich to asked for a customer ID for simply business and the upcomin‘ Record Store Day. Verbally they told us – this makes no sense for them, because of the expectedly sales with us. We know their program, but do they know us? No – so simply fuck u !!

meanwhile we enjoy our daily job, because we love to discover



2016 release, Recorded in South London between 1975-1982 from the album


for the upcoming weekend, or dance around your work station

– Sequence of Movement, 2016 again from the fantastic Disco Deviance label



when you missed the reissue a few years ago – freshly repressed


Jay Richford & Gary Steyan ( aka Brugnolini and Torossi ), 1974/2016

– Going Home

– Feeling Tense






Welche Farbe hat der Wind ?

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autumn started here in Berlin today – but which colour has the wind ?

– Welche Farbe hat der Wind, 1974

Hansour 7Inch of the month, released in september is definitely Sound Voyages Golden Garuda

– Golden Garuda, 2015

GGour news section still simmers on slow flames. Toooo many releases, do not mean high enthusiasm, but we enjoy classics, like this one with his 20th anniversary on the good old Mo Wax label

. Slow Flames, 1995 from the album

MMand for your personal finishing time today we recommend Jam City, Dream a Garden


Hans *James* Last 1929 – 2015

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JL1Growing up in the 70ies BRD/West Germany kids were inevitable being impressed with the sound of James Last. Million seller with his self named Happy Sound. There was for sure not one grandparents record collection with minimum three James Last releases.

– For Better, For Worse – 1975

JL4but not only Happy Sound. He was definitely in the Morricone league

– Was Ich Dir Sagen Will – 1974

JL3this is more the characteristic sound of this definitely last german first league orchestra leader – sadsad, but thank you for learning hours in grandma’s music corner.

Bill Withers – Let Me In Your Life

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The following documentary has 12549 views on YT. Posted one !! year ago. Still Bill, still underrated. One of the last authentic musicians from different times. 70 minutes pure pleasure about honesty, talent, life – ENJOY !!

Where Is The Love ?

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the year starts with old and new conflicts – where is the love ?

– Where Is The Love, 1967 Reissue 7Inch


what we need ?  more personalities like Abie Nathan 29.April 1927 † 27.August 2008


come down easy tune for the weekend

– Dream Gerrard, 1974 from the album


or optional the optical relaxation