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Smile – see you later

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– Smile, 1979 from the album


inherently we are friendly persons. These times are straining. Being critical doesn’t mean being negativ. The original liner notes from this album are!

Actually it was my wife’s idea to give the new LP the title Smile. Go on, laugh a bit from time to time, she said, because I was always looking so cross

Why this album. A so-called Disco Diggler told us, there would be surprising disco tunes on this not so well known Kaempfert vinyl. Mmmh? make your own impression

– Keep On Dancing


for quality listening we prefer ambiente elegante



– Ambiente Elegante, 1975/2016 from the CD compilation


okay – something you can use on the next musical quiz round with your friends. Which, of these following musicians, was a guest in an Oprah Winfrey show

John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten/ Jello Biafra / Joey Ramone

on the recent germany tour Jello Biafra with a clear t-shirt statement


we say


see you later

– See You Later, 1976 from the album




No American Starship

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America, through the decades by example for what ?

Ain’t no american starship send from the usa

gonna help me find my way


– No American Starship, 1976 from the album


today – HotHotHotHotHotHot, you need a glas

and ICE


have a fantastic weekend, wherever

MD Cover - 1

Long Hot Summer

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Long Hot Summer, not yet here in Berlin.

– Long Hot Summer, 1983 a onceayearyoumustplaythissong classic from the mini album




Sathima Bea Benjamin * 17.October 1936 in Johannesburg was asked in 1965 to go on tour with the Duke Elligton orchestra. She said no and spend difficult years with her husband Dollar Brand ( from late 60ies Abdullah Ibrahim ).
– Music, 1976 from the album


far far ahead his time, another fantastic reissue – Dariush Dolat-Shahi

– Zahab, 1985 from the album


have a fantastic summer time wherever

Message In Our Music

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– Message in our music, 1976

do we have ? we hope so !

ojwonderful sunny day here in Berlin, almost like a soul breeze


– Soul Breeze, 1968 – fantastic b-side from the Hawaii Five – O 7Inch


three recommendations for your personal weekend trip, hopefully peaceful & sunny wherever

– The First Daffodils

– Dye The Water Green, both from the  actual Bibio album


next is on the Thrill Jockey Label – Date Palms, more for the desert trip or a long autobahn drive


– Yuba Source Part I

– Dusted Down, both from the album


aaah, new Boards Of Canada, fantastic crispy as always



Spaced Out

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Since the 20.October we do daily business, finally. Great feeling to share – again –  music with peoples, customers, friends. We say – postulate & stimulate.

Daily a little robot sends pictures from mars, but the german monopole in telecommunication – Telekom – needs more than weeks for clearing a internet/telephon connection. I do this from my home computer. This is some kind of Spaced Out

when you love this, like us go here

– La Melodia, Spaced Out Instrumental – fantastic !!

this is one of our favorite autumn tunes for this year

– Flowers by Andrew Ashong & Theo Parrish, taken from the 12Inch

Greg Foat, mmmh – do you remember this pearl from 2011

the new album will be released on this years 30.November. First teaser – Girl and Robot with Flowers 10Inch

this weeks fluffy tune

– One to One, 1976 by Jan Hammer taken from the album

thanks for being interested in our space