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I want to thank you

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– I Want To Thank You, 1981 from


this month, on the 10th, five years ago the Musik Department opened his doors. Through the years the whole business wasn’t easy, but  for us it still makes sense and most important – WE HAVE FUN !!

Perception No.1 – curiosity is an endangered species. We give our best to keep it alive

First compilation highlight from this young year. Tramp Records with a fine selction

– Praise Poems by the Warmth

-Resurgence by the Ulysses Crocketts, both from




this year will be again strrrong on reissues, like this one

– Double Action, 1979 from the album


a good one, call it classic or classy = timeless,  from 1979 – Rupert Hine with his Quantum Jump


last friday here in Berlin. DJ Set from the new Mayer Hawthorne project Tuxedo, together with Jake One. This time back on the Stones Throw Label


The Set was very very 80s, very Disco to Boogie, very danceable and most of all good fun. You can have listen here . First teaser from the album





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Quadratgesichter – means quad faces, could mean blinkered/unconvincible. This song by austrian Peter Horton is not only good, because of the arrangement. Lyrics are fantastic, too

– Quadratgesichter, 1981 from the albumPH

friendly does not mean boring, for us. Simple must not be negativ. We enjoy the album from Rhye

– The Fall

– Shed Some Blood, 2013 both from the album

RHyeabstract, some kind of fonky sounds from the omega supreme label

– Never can get enough, 2012 by Turqouise Sommers

– Garden Sounds, 2013 by Sasac


Chazwick Bundick, aka Toro Y Moi and his never ending output – awesome


this time on Caribou’s Jialong Label with his project Les Sins. For sure one of 2013s spring hymns – Gross !!!!

– Grind

Les Sins

– thanks for being interested in our space. We wish you a peaceful weekend, wherever


Remember Marvin

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in 1981 a belgian promoter, music lover and hotel owner invited Marvin Gaye in his hotel in Ostende/Belgium to relax after the european tour.

Marvin Gaye was physical and mental starved with money and drug problems. His career was at a crossroad to cessation.

This year Ostende remembers with a special on this very special guest in 1981. They started an application – the Midnight Love Digital Walk

To get an idea about different times, a gentleman, the smoothest soul voice for decades, or when you will not get the chance to have a walk in Ostende this documentary will touch you.

Remember Marvin ( in french & english )

at the end of his break in 1982, he has to return to the states, because of visa problems. He left with lyrics, arrangements and final versions for a new album – Midnight Love

in 1984 he died tragically in the states, shot by his own father

Mid*Week Tunes

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– Une sale histoire, female version – 1983 by

– Breath

– Crash – both 2012 by

– Hard Boiled Babe – 1979 by

– Closer – 1981 by