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Long Hot Summer

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Long Hot Summer, not yet here in Berlin.

– Long Hot Summer, 1983 a onceayearyoumustplaythissong classic from the mini album




Sathima Bea Benjamin * 17.October 1936 in Johannesburg was asked in 1965 to go on tour with the Duke Elligton orchestra. She said no and spend difficult years with her husband Dollar Brand ( from late 60ies Abdullah Ibrahim ).
– Music, 1976 from the album


far far ahead his time, another fantastic reissue – Dariush Dolat-Shahi

– Zahab, 1985 from the album


have a fantastic summer time wherever


Catching A Wave

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– Catching a Wave, Steve & Teresa 1983


puuh, what a compilation. Wonderful, simply wonderful – on

Leng Records, 2013

– Metropolis, Walter Hawkins

– Sunrise, Cherubin 1973, all three from


Ray Manzerek     1939 – 2013


– Riders on the storm


Richie Havens      1941 – 2013

RH2 – Here comes the sun


remember here ? 23 years ago, almost time tunnel

new material with a little help from Four Tet


– Nina, Neneh Cherry & Afrika Bam Bam, 2013



have a fantastic weekend wherever. Iran in the seventies. Great Koroush quite relaxed

Mid*Week Tunes

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– Une sale histoire, female version – 1983 by

– Breath

– Crash – both 2012 by

– Hard Boiled Babe – 1979 by

– Closer – 1981 by

Musik Department Berlin – Musik für alle

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Jerker Kluge, bass player from Munich/Germany is well known in the jazz scene for a long time with his distinct projects as „The Hi-Fly Orchestra“, „Hipnosis“ or „Bad Jazz Troupe“. The new project

– Deep Jazz – is handmade, indigenous and simple a fantastic deep release. CD only

– Little Sunflower

– Spirits Up Above

one of these songs, you hear and will never forget

– Cosmic Boxer from the album

Dancefloor polish made in 1983

– Lucky by

– Seeds, 7Inch by

next album was released last year, but it’s still a fantastic mixture of modern and classical brazilian sounds – CD only

have a fantastic weekend, wherever

Contrasts – Karen vs. MF Doom

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Karen Anne Carpenter (March 2, 1950 – February 4, 1983)

We like Karen. More, we love Karen. Here voice, the music – the Carpenters Sound.

– Superstar

– Goodbye to Love

she wasn’t made for this business. Strange, absurd to be invited with 21 ! for the TV Show – This is your Life

not really known. In the beginning of the career she played the drums, verrry well. Killertune, timeless, forever

All I can do from the album Ticket to Ride

first TV appearance

CONTRAST – Berlin, 22.07.2011

Doors open – 9.30pm

10.20pm: Antipop Consortium – 2 CD Mixer, Sampler, Keyboard

with fun, good atmosphere, good sounds, 40 Minutes

01.35am: MF Doom – 1 MacBook

pressed play and started with another guy

boring, no atmosphere, can’t remember if going after third or fourth song, almost mentaly displaced

Fly with me

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always these designations for a simple meaning – good music

cosmic disco ? okay, why not

– an old classic, Supermax / Fly with me / 1979

– an actual, Eddie C / Love Journey / 2011

– another classic, Charlie Hornemann / Going West / 1983

all pictures are from Erik Theodor Lässig

Zeitlose Perle

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Das Label Numero Label steht bei uns im Musik Department sehr hoch im Kurs.Endlich mal ein Vertrieb der es auch wagt Grenzen zu überschreiten und seine Hörer zu fordern.Die ersten Reaktionen von Stammhörern/käufern zum neuen Release waren nicht überraschend.Irritation bis Ablehnung.Weshalb?Entgegen sonstiger Gewohnheiten mal kein Rare Groove private press jazzy Blueswhatever release, sondern eine sehr spezielle unentdeckte

“Indieperle“ aus dem Jahre 1983.Drei Franzosen mit Vorlieben für brasilianische Bossa und Samba Melodien nennen sich Antena – benannt nach einem Kraftwerk Song

und basteln ein zeitloses Drumcomputer Akustik Meisterwerk – Camino del Sol

so sieht das LP/CD  Cover bei Numero aus und so

das original Cover der LP, die dann inzwischen eher selten ist, aber als CD auch mit diesem Cover bei uns erhältlich ist.

Zwei Songs wurden von John Foxx und ein String Arrangement von Blaine l. Reininger produziert.Verantwortlich für diesen sehr speziellen Gesangscharme ist Isabelle Powaga.