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Sentimental Favourites

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this  release from november is one of our favourites in 2011

– The Twilight of your smile

Sentimental Favourites is Andrew Pekler’s first album for Dekorder and his first solo release since 2009’s Entanglements

-Everybody’s Raindrops

– Music to sleep walk on by – Vinyl only

one of our favourite reissues in 2011 is this mellow chocolate

– People like you , 1976 from the album

– I am the Moonlight

since hours it’s raining here in Berlin. We and maybe you, too need tunes to caresses our souls

– Love theme from Fuzz, 1972 from the album

– Nubian Lady

and finally the perfect sound for being almost horizontal

– Albatross, 2010 from the album

Plinth – Albatross CD on Deadslackstring Records.


Woke up this Morning

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with a video in my head

video directed by Wong Kar – Wai, Music by DJ Shadow with friendly assistance from Dennis Olivieri

– I cry in the morning, 1968

our single tune of the week

– Cos-Ber-Zam – Ne Noya , Edit by Daphni aka Caribou

and finally, after the release of his first 12Inch on the Rotating Souls Label our man  – the Jupiter Tuning Center did again a fantastic ! job – enjoy here or there

– Martian Peace Treaty by JTC, 2011

Weekend Tunes

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Saturday Evening and Night

– 1980, Stereotype, from the album

– 1979, Let me be good to you, from the album

– 1982, Keep the fire burning, from the 12Inch

– 2009, Nonagon by Dubatech, from the 10Inch

Sunday Morning and Evening

- 1964 , And i love her, from the album

– 2011, Desert Raven, from the album

– 1984, The World Is as soft as Lace by Felt, from the album

– 1970,2504 Cliffborne Pl. from the album

we wish you wherever a peaceful and sunny weekend

Black Friday

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Dear music lovers,

no, there will be NOT another Record Store Day this year

but there will be a Black Friday on Nov.25

On the list for the limited releases we found from 58 products,  28 for the US only. We will let you know, which items we can order.

Todays sound is nothing rare, unknown, limited, hip, you never heard before, fresh, pre whatever

just music we enjoy and wanna let you know (and hopefully enjoy, too)

  from the compilation

from the album

from the album

What we like –

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what we listen to, what we enjoy

Gene Redding, Blood Brother from 1974

– I can see the lovelight

– Blood Brother

Stepkids , same on Stones Throw Label 2011

– La La

Nils Frahm & Anne Müller, 7Fingers on Palmetto Records

– 7 Fingers

Raffaela Carra, 1970

– Conta Su Di Me ( Footprints on the Moon )

Troy Davis – Just Because

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Troy Davis  –    * 9. Oktober 1968; † 21. September 2011

last night they killed Troy Davis. We are no political blog, but we have  CONSCIOUSNESS

more than a sad day

– Just because, 1970 from the album

Strange Fruit, originally from Billy Holiday.This version from

FREE   Leonard Peltier , FREE Mumia Abu-Jamal

If You Think You’re Groovy

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pass by – have a look, have a talk, have a listen – enjoy healing music