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Song with no Name or Soundtrack without a Movie

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– Song with no Name, 1971 from the album


today first time sun, after really frosty days here in Berlin. We wanna keep it mellow. Next up the gorgeous Pye Corner Audio from the upcoming Black Mill Tapes 1-4 Box. Folks say – John Carpenter meets BOC, we say Soundtrack without a Movie

– Electronic Rhythm No.3

– Transcription Service

PyeGummy Soul ? yep, one of these fine labels with schmoooth releases like Wally Clarke


– Holla

– Hibiscus – hooked on it ? please go here

finally another yummy from the David Crosby album –  check the whole one !!

– Cowboy Movie

Spaceplattehave a fantastic weekend wherever


Merry Christmas

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– Have Yourself A Merry Christmas, 1972 from the album


The biggest Christmas Gift for us – the funding for our Book Project – Berlin On Vinyl was successful. That means in Spring 2014 we will offer a wonderful coffee table book, about the view on Berlin through vinyl covers


for your days off ( hopefully ) a killer documentary from 1965, german TV for relaxing times

have a fantastic end of the year wherever. See you in 2014

– Christmas Time


The Sixth Sense

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– The Sixth Sense, 1993 from the album


a fast & straining year ends. The sixth sense more important, than ever. The awareness could only be

amazement not to be amazed. Helpful – all day music


– All Day Music, 1971 from the album


for fans of Headcoatees and Charlotte Gainsbourg

– Alicante

– Cold Was The Ground, 2013 both from the new Liminanas album Costa Blanca


yep, this man is still alive


Ginger Baker, a real oldschool personality. Fresh in a movie theatre (hopefully) near you – the documentary !!!!

Chico Hamilton 1921 – 2013, a different journey

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– Gengis, 1973


Chico Hamilton died this month, age 92 ! Another genuis left us with his legacy of music from different times, with a different quality. A human with different character. All this will be missing !!

he will have a different journey, we say thank you

– Voice In The Night, 1963


Penthouse Suite tunes

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a typically autumn day here in Berlin. Uncomfortable weather, too early dark outside

Berlin17helpful, a warm apartment and nice music

Phono3 – Penthouse Suite by Syd Dale from the compilation


another quality release from the Berlin based Sonorama Label

– The Cool Scene, from the actual reissue


we have the fantasic Now Again Label and beatconnoisseur Oh No – both together sounds like this

– Doin‘ My Own

– Winters Sweet, both from the album


Luke Vibert plunged again into the archives

– Speedbird

– Daredevil


and your sunday sofa tune could be

blogcover1.jpg – Summer Girl, from the album


Bizarre Velodrom

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Jahcoozi’s Sasha Perera , now solo as Perera Elsewhere. Her debut LP Everlast will be released on October 28


– Bizarre

Kit Grill’s teaser for his upcoming album is looovely. The video  – !!!!

The Stones Throw label surprises with some kind of dreamy album. A perfect autumn album


– I’m to blame

– Keep the wolf


Buchprojekt – Berlin on Vinyl

die starterphase wurde gemeistert ! vielen Dank !! in sechs Tagen beginnt dann die Finanzierungsphase über drei Monate. Jeden Tag eine gute Tat, damit es klappt !!

DD 001


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with alternate instrumentations the Clarke – Boland formation did fantastic releases in the sixties and seventies.

The italian Rearward Label will release a fantastic reissue with this time following musicians


Sahib Shihab (flute), Francy Boland (piano), Fats Sadi (bongos, marymba,vibraphone), Jimmy Woode (bass, vocals), Joe Harris (percussion), Kenny Clarke (drums).

spiegel magazin June 1965

Anlaß zu neuer Wohltätigkeit bot sich dem Godesberger Menschenfreund, als jüngst die Deutsche Bundesbahn bekanntgab, sie wolle den unrentablen Bahnhof Rolandseck an der Strecke Bonn-Koblenz abreißen oder verkaufen. Freilich konnte Wasmuth den alten Bahnhof, der 1856 als Mehrzweckbau mit Fest- und Ballsälen errichtet worden war, nicht kaufen, wohl aber pachten. Für 560 Mark Monatsmiete durfte er die Bahnstation zum Kunstzentrum zweckentfremden.

Der Galeriebesitzer und frühere Dekorateur will im Bahnhof Rolandseck Ateliers einrichten und Künstler seßhaft machen, die für ihn und die Philanthropie schaffen sollen. Die Bahnhofskünstler sollen Kinderspielplatz- und Kindergartenentwürfe fertigen, Sonaten und Gemälde produzieren – mit einem Teil des Erlöses will Wasmuth wiederum Kindernot lindern.

Prominente Künstler, so behauptet Wasmuth, haben dem Wohltats -Projekt ihre Mitarbeit und Förderung zugesichert: so der Maler Oskar Kokoschka, der Pantomime Marcel Marceau und der Pianist Stefan Askenase.

This album was recorded for a party of the pantomime Marcel Marceau.


“It is my pleasure to present you the famous Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Ensemble who will play at our party  in Rolandseck. Tonight’s music and profits are in benefit of Arts and Music, which is a non-profit enterprise that will transform this old station into a center for the arts. I hope we’ll all meet again here in Rolandseck”

– Invitation

– Serenata


have a sunny weekend wherever