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Merry Christmas – Let there be Jazz

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Merry Christmas from the Musik Department

– Let there be Jazz

and for the days off the perfect DVD – Tip. Freshly released – a 60ies West Berlin classic with the music from Peter Thomas.


Flughafen Tempelhof – Berlin 1963, meanwhile closed in 2008

Peace !! – wherever


Inge Brandenburg

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Inge who ?

The unbelievable story of a woman, the greatest european jazz voice in the sixties. In the US she was named – the european Billy Holiday.

Her story, the biography is more than heavy. Born in Nazi Germany, both parents died in concentration camps. Started singing to survive and grew from a little pearl to the biggest jazz diamond West Germany ever had.

– Temptation

– Moonglow

Problem – wrong time , wrong place, that means West Germany preferred different music at that time. The record companies calculated Schlager, with a whiff on jazz.

she couldn`t get along with it. Frustrated, with wrong partners and huge alcohol problems the career stopped in the 70ies and finally she died poor and forgotten in munich, Germany in 1999. Her whole live, her legacy was found on a flea market in munich in 4 cardboards. The guy who found it, made it available to berlin based fim maker Marc Boettcher, who already did fantastic documentaries about Alexandra, Bert Kaempfert and Gitte Haenning. He needed five years to make his best work so far.

Yesterday was preview here in Berlin for

It was a very special evening, not only, because of the location

and sitting next to Emil Mangelsdorff and Gitte Haenning.

This movie starts the upcoming weekend in Germany. The Soundtrack CD with unreleased tracks from Inge Brandenburg is fantastic and the DVD will be released in about five months and you can preorder it here at the Musik Department.

One last note. The big Record Company Universal, home of Impulse, Prestige, ECM Records and CDs was asked for releasing the soundtrack CD – Answer !!!!! not interesting for us !!! NOTHING LEARNED from history

We say  – shame on you –  ignorants

– Love for sale

Have a break

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not a KitKat, but maybe a !!! very good !!! DVD

There was a building

there was an idea and a dream

grumpy ? stress? problems ? difficult times ? nervous ? headforce ?

watch this DVD and feel better

– Frances Theme, 1977  from the album

– Most Wanted Theme

Point of View

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…because people who plunk down 16 dollars for a record (or a CD, a book, a DVD ) have made the decision that this is something they actually want to own. Somebody who downloads something has made the decision that they want to listen to something, but they don’t necessarily want to own it.”

these words get the point.The whole article you find here and we found it here

Electronic Revolution

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In unserer kleinen DVD Ecke führen wir wieder diese sehenswerte Dokumentation.Sehr unterhaltsame 180 Minuten

und wer noch Muße und Zeit findet zum Lesen empfehlen wir aus unserer Buchecke

leider nur Deko

und was in den Archiven von bundesrepublikanischen TV Stationen zu vermuten ist sieht man hier

I Need That Record !

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Daily business is different – difficult – sometimes demoralizing – straining – puuhhhh – aaarrrggghhh


makes sense – fun – is important – is valued – makes happy and is simple a challenge


realities look like this


so, please support your local dealer !!  Danke

PPU Video Party on DVD

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A smaller section in our store is the DVD assortment.Basically we sell here stuff we like, for example movie classics or documentation DVDs.In October one of our favourite Labels  – Peoples Potential Unlimited – will release their first DVD – PPU Video Party

and of course you will find the DVD here  at the Musik Department.For more informations, please check here

Another unnoted DVD pearl you can find in our section is released on the fantastic Numero Label –

Celestial Navigations: The Short Films of Al Jarnow