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Names and Numbers

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we are very mellow today. Nice tunes for the upcoming colder & darker days.


all three albums are beautifully throughout good!!

– Names and Numbers

– Perishable Looks, 2015 both from the excellent album Fixed Rope from Express Rising

ER – Stay On My Shore, 2015 from Joan Shelley – Over and Even

JS – Windowpane

– Note to Self, 2015 both from the Mild High Club album

MHCand by the way – do you know this woman ?

CKdon’t ? you do !! why ? have a look

MPS – Most Perfect Sound

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– MPS by the Singers Unlimited, 1972 from the album

this is an aerial picture from the MPS/SABA studios in Villingen/Germany

thats it – the most perfect sound, to find in music. On CD, Vinyl or a mp3. Every Day, every week – daily business.

The Record Store Day was a fine day. New, old customers. About 25 releases in stock. Most of the people just in a relaxed mood – but

more of these kind of  days would be more than helpful .Simple question – why do “people“ need a cause to be releaxed and spend more money than usual.

Anyway – we say thank you

next project from starts with a download for free

– No.2, Dean Blunt feat. Inga Copeland aka Hype Williams

now the album, Future Soul for your pituitary

– No.2, from the album Ebony, 2012

– No.9

Readers know, we love the Numero Label – and again and again new superb release

–  Don’t Challenge Me by the Makers

– One More Time by Steve Elliot. Both from the album

thrift store, flea market aspirant – take it

– It’s So Different Here, 1978

and this is our weekend smoothie

– Priced to Sell byFunk Inc. from the album

Thank you Numero

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and again – a fantastic release on one of our favourite labels – Numero

Willie Wright, Telling the Truth. Numero says soul – folk.  We say brilliant album, wonderful atmosphere and the right sound for a mellow weekend.

as usual for numero –  fantastic cover, artwork, bonus stuff

and for your sunday breakfast in bed, alone or with…..


– Nina Simone – Angel of the Morning

Point of View

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…because people who plunk down 16 dollars for a record (or a CD, a book, a DVD ) have made the decision that this is something they actually want to own. Somebody who downloads something has made the decision that they want to listen to something, but they don’t necessarily want to own it.”

these words get the point.The whole article you find here and we found it here

PPU Video Party on DVD

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A smaller section in our store is the DVD assortment.Basically we sell here stuff we like, for example movie classics or documentation DVDs.In October one of our favourite Labels  – Peoples Potential Unlimited – will release their first DVD – PPU Video Party

and of course you will find the DVD here  at the Musik Department.For more informations, please check here

Another unnoted DVD pearl you can find in our section is released on the fantastic Numero Label –

Celestial Navigations: The Short Films of Al Jarnow

Zeitlose Perle

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Das Label Numero Label steht bei uns im Musik Department sehr hoch im Kurs.Endlich mal ein Vertrieb der es auch wagt Grenzen zu überschreiten und seine Hörer zu fordern.Die ersten Reaktionen von Stammhörern/käufern zum neuen Release waren nicht überraschend.Irritation bis Ablehnung.Weshalb?Entgegen sonstiger Gewohnheiten mal kein Rare Groove private press jazzy Blueswhatever release, sondern eine sehr spezielle unentdeckte

“Indieperle“ aus dem Jahre 1983.Drei Franzosen mit Vorlieben für brasilianische Bossa und Samba Melodien nennen sich Antena – benannt nach einem Kraftwerk Song

und basteln ein zeitloses Drumcomputer Akustik Meisterwerk – Camino del Sol

so sieht das LP/CD  Cover bei Numero aus und so

das original Cover der LP, die dann inzwischen eher selten ist, aber als CD auch mit diesem Cover bei uns erhältlich ist.

Zwei Songs wurden von John Foxx und ein String Arrangement von Blaine l. Reininger produziert.Verantwortlich für diesen sehr speziellen Gesangscharme ist Isabelle Powaga.