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– Potential, 1975 from


same old story, every week, every month – tons of releases, but…….potential?

to grow up in west-germanys 70ies you had this tune for weekly routine of waiting

a unconditional candidat for potential is Tommy Guerrero. Ex member of the skate legends Bones Brigade with an again strrrong album

– The Viper, 2014

– Locos Lament , 2014 both from the album


store tune of the day – Linton Kwesi Johnson, also known as LKJ, the master of British Reggae Poetry

– Loraine, 1980 from the album

Johnson, Linton Kwesi - Bass Culture [CD a]

already released, but still…………..African Shakedown No.2


– Eddie C – O Ye

polish 70ies crime funky soundtrack from the Reissue on Finders Keepers


socialmediainternetwhateverusefulfor fund for this month – album covers on google maps






Listen People

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– Listen People, 1966


going forward to the next tune ? pick up the crossfader

– Pick Up The Crossfader, 1994 by the Alps Cru

ACin bumpy times we need it nice and slow – favourite tune of last month

– Nice And Slow, RI2014


they describe themselve as jazz experimental soulful Germany – we say simply gorgeous

– Maybe Beautiful

– Winter in Rio, both 2014 from Wun Two

WTand finally for technical interested folks wherever – a really fantastic documentary about the legendary Focusrite Studio console – enjoy !!

Danke, Gut

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Danke, Gut means thanks for asking

– Danke Gut ( Doppelkopf Rmx. ), 1999 from better hiphop days


the year starts with lots of upcoming releases. Most of them…………………………okay, focus on reissues

first knaller !! – at last on 7Inch

– Mad Mouth Woman


next a roller skate deluxe premium tune – sadly limited, sadly sold, but !!!!

– Stephen Encinas, Disco Illusion

Disco1typically Pilooski, typically catchy, !!!!!!

– Francis Bebey, Bissao Edit

Pifor today we send sensitive soul – AOR, also known as Yacht Rock at his best

– Sensitive Soul, 1978 from the album

JC2014 will not be easier, but we stay on strrrong



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– Summertime, 1971 from the 7Inch


Summertime, daily unspectacular business. For this week some mellow summer tunes.

Baden gehn – schön. Du kannst Waden sehen, das ist schön

Go bathing – nice. You can see calves, that is nice

– Baden gehn, 1972 from the album

Premier Exif JPEG

– Love On A Summer Night, 1982 from the album


– Indian Summer, 1970 from the album


and of course THE summer classic


Sound and Vision on a clear day

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In february 2013  Bek David Campbell, also known as Beck did that kind of version, where you can just sit down and enjoy. A 160 peaces orchestra with people from the Daptone Label, a Gospel Choir, a few guitarists, ….amazing

– sooo enjoy

– On A Clear Day You Can See Forever, 1968 by the Peddlers from the album


for the weekend some sounds and visions, also named Bild & Ton. For sure you know this man


every visionary has his roots, beginnings. This archiv masterpiece shows, that Mr.Zappa quite early had an idea of his very personal way, aged 23 – amazing

90% Flying High

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90% of Me Is You – fantastic version from Gwen McCrae’s classic


for sure one of the master reissues of 2013. This album was already released with a different cover in 2000 on the Easy Tempo Label


– Flying High

– Walking in the Dark

this time with the original cover


we really enjoy the very own sound by Toro Y Moi. Again a new quality album

– Rose Quartz

– High Living, both from the album


more folky ? okay !

– Tiniest Seed, 2013 by Angel Olsen from the album



more modern sounds ? okay ! oldschool/newschool – we don’t care. Our springhastocomesoon tune from the Leipzig/Germany based  riotvan label

– No Other by Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt


and our audio cognac of the month

– Vivre la Nuit, 1967 by Claude Bolling


Stories to tell – Minnie Riperton

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puuh, wonderful & sad at the same time. The story of Minnie Riperton, the angels voice over five octaves

Starting solo.Than with the Rotary Connection pretty succesful.Again a break, to start a less successful solo career and finally dying much to much to much to young. Enjoying and suffering at the same time with this fantastic documentation

…… studio was John Lennon with Phil Spector. In studio nr.two was Minnie with Stevie Wonder and in the big studio was Quincy Jones……

different times

next one we really wanna boost. Not only, because of  the Berlin thing. The idea is smooth, the making very complex and we say  – Respect – to East Coast PR. – Enjoy !!