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I want to thank you

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– I Want To Thank You, 1981 from


this month, on the 10th, five years ago the Musik Department opened his doors. Through the years the whole business wasn’t easy, but  for us it still makes sense and most important – WE HAVE FUN !!

Perception No.1 – curiosity is an endangered species. We give our best to keep it alive

First compilation highlight from this young year. Tramp Records with a fine selction

– Praise Poems by the Warmth

-Resurgence by the Ulysses Crocketts, both from




this year will be again strrrong on reissues, like this one

– Double Action, 1979 from the album


a good one, call it classic or classy = timeless,  from 1979 – Rupert Hine with his Quantum Jump


last friday here in Berlin. DJ Set from the new Mayer Hawthorne project Tuxedo, together with Jake One. This time back on the Stones Throw Label


The Set was very very 80s, very Disco to Boogie, very danceable and most of all good fun. You can have listen here . First teaser from the album




Berlin On Vinyl 2. Edition

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Simply, because the are not really thrilling releases this year, we feel sometimes a little bit like this


this picture was taken 1978 in the west – berlin subway. The next picture is taken from the advanced 2.Edition of the Berlin On Vinyl book . Released today

BOV neu


The first edition was sold, after five month – THANK YOU !


You can order the book easily – here 

Still no paypal button. Please, just send a mail to

These guys did a top 100 album releases 2010 – 2014. Maybe you can update yourself, or find something new.



Berlin On Vinyl – a coffee table book

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after three years of development & diggin we proudly present and offer the first MD product

Berlin On Vinyl – 144 pages, 219 covers & images


– Schönhauser

Since the inception of the Vinyl Record, the album cover has been the source of information about the product, author or artist. It educates the consumer about the recorded content, and its photography and graphic design are meant to enhance the listeners understanding of the artists recorded vision.

This particular picture-book project moves the musical aspect of the vinyl record in the background and allows for a new view on cover design. With this particular focus in mind, thematically framed, a mirror image evolves of a unique era of Berlin.

– Morgens um 5

Conveying the rhythms of continuous architectural and cultural changes over centuries, from the sixties to the eighties, this book documents a one of a kind snapshot of one of the greatest cosmopolitan cities in the world.
We are inviting you to explore and enjoy a leisurely walk through Berlin – via Vinyl album covers.

– In Berlin, in der Nacht, in den Straßen

Ku-8for more informations and order terms, please go to BOV

BadBadNotGood = Buying Order

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irregular, there are these youngsters inspired and impressed from Jazz. In love with soul, soundtracks, library stuff –  but wanna do their own thing. Examples could be

2001 – from the album


2004 –  from the album


2014 we have these friendly guys age 21 to 23 – BadBadNotGood, also BBNG


yesterday, 9pm Berlin – Grüner Salon


90 Minutes later



amazing!!  time with the new stuff from their actual album, simply named 3 –


My Hero, Zero

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Last Saturday we had a really nice succesful RSD. It seems, both groups – before and behind the counter –  were pleased. Strange note of that day. Not one or 1 of three fantastic reissues from belgian fusion jazz combo Placebo (with Marc Moulin) were sold.

– You Got Me Hummin‘, 1971 from the album


also, we tried to find a new owner for this fine release

– Tainted Love, 1965 from


no chance means zero

sold – all Kylie Minogue 7Inches and Oasis 12Inches. What does that mean ? Nothing, but happy customers.

for this weekend new releases

– Pop ( Instrumental)

– Pillars , both 2014 from the album


this one beams us to the 90s quality nights here in Berlin – old but new = fantastic !

– Acid Test 09, 2014 from Tin Man and Donato Dozzy



regularly readers know – we love our soundtrack without a movie category. This months tune

– Clear Passage, 2014


Symbol is the solo effort of producer and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Royal King. Best known as a founding member and lead guitarist of the massive orchestral-rock ensemble This Will Destroy You


have a fantastic weekend wherever !!


Song with no Name or Soundtrack without a Movie

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– Song with no Name, 1971 from the album


today first time sun, after really frosty days here in Berlin. We wanna keep it mellow. Next up the gorgeous Pye Corner Audio from the upcoming Black Mill Tapes 1-4 Box. Folks say – John Carpenter meets BOC, we say Soundtrack without a Movie

– Electronic Rhythm No.3

– Transcription Service

PyeGummy Soul ? yep, one of these fine labels with schmoooth releases like Wally Clarke


– Holla

– Hibiscus – hooked on it ? please go here

finally another yummy from the David Crosby album –  check the whole one !!

– Cowboy Movie

Spaceplattehave a fantastic weekend wherever

Merry Christmas

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– Have Yourself A Merry Christmas, 1972 from the album


The biggest Christmas Gift for us – the funding for our Book Project – Berlin On Vinyl was successful. That means in Spring 2014 we will offer a wonderful coffee table book, about the view on Berlin through vinyl covers


for your days off ( hopefully ) a killer documentary from 1965, german TV for relaxing times

have a fantastic end of the year wherever. See you in 2014

– Christmas Time