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Rückblick 2017

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2017, a fast and perceptively year. The ongoing medial coverage, about an assumed renaissance of vinyl culture is the big misunderstanding between apparenty interest and the daily hard life of a store owner. The growth rate concerns online sales, less the analog existence without web store, discogs business, …

The new enthusiasm about vinyl or vinyl culture is simply an appearance and less a reliable movement. A simple example on not reliable rapture showed the Berlin based RadioEins on a video, produced for the “vinyl day“ on their channel. Be stunned here

Therefore, here a few notes about our daily business, light spots and alienations.

main challenge of the year:
the new quality on perception that means the dislike to spot something. Curiosity is slowly dying, spontaneity already disappered. In other words decorators versus music lovers.

realization of the year:

tons of releases. Mean is the new spearhead

positive surprise of the year:

King Krule, The Ooz


reissue label of the year: Habibi Funk



wrong stock of the year:
customer: do you have bird sounds on vinyl?
we: yes, have a look ( 9 records with 324 bird samples from three continents).
after 8 minutes – no business. He missed the bird, he was looking for.

maybe you missed or looked for list variable here

anticipation of the year, means release january 2018:


Berlin classic of the year:

ambition of the year:

2018 we start our 7Inch Label. Right of ownership already save.

question of the year: …. do you have normal records?

poem of the year = Peace, wherever !

the earth is my altar,

the sky is my dome

the mind is my garden

the heart is my home

and i’m always at home

Eden Ahbez







Record Store Day 2017

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Record Store Day 2017, the 10th anniversary

potentially products you can find –  here


consequently no champagne, no schnittchen – but extremely positive vibes and an excellent atmosphere



Smile – see you later

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– Smile, 1979 from the album


inherently we are friendly persons. These times are straining. Being critical doesn’t mean being negativ. The original liner notes from this album are!

Actually it was my wife’s idea to give the new LP the title Smile. Go on, laugh a bit from time to time, she said, because I was always looking so cross

Why this album. A so-called Disco Diggler told us, there would be surprising disco tunes on this not so well known Kaempfert vinyl. Mmmh? make your own impression

– Keep On Dancing


for quality listening we prefer ambiente elegante



– Ambiente Elegante, 1975/2016 from the CD compilation


okay – something you can use on the next musical quiz round with your friends. Which, of these following musicians, was a guest in an Oprah Winfrey show

John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten/ Jello Biafra / Joey Ramone

on the recent germany tour Jello Biafra with a clear t-shirt statement


we say


see you later

– See You Later, 1976 from the album



Do You Realize ?

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– Do You Realize, 1978 from the album


or rather, did you realize we had a little writing break on our visual business card. We already wrote about our critical view on this years dynamics on vinyl prices/ new releases. We notice a comprehensible reluctance on our customers, to pay more than 12€ for a 7Inch, more than 15€ for a 12Inch and 26 to 30€ ( and more ) for a longplay. At once power online sellers with cut prices  for new stuff- that makes simply – for us –  no sense. Verifiable our buying prices are the selling prices in Great Britain and the US. That makes no sense, too.

break – still one of our fav. music documentary

Second problem is the most horrible pressing quality, specially on reissues. Bad copies made from mp3’s. – spooky. Today we read that Ed Motta recommend the reissue from the James Walsh Gypsy Band.

we researched and found this product info –

This is the first vinyl release ever, originally only released as a CD-R by the band, licensed official release limited to 500 copies, on a new 180G vinyl with high quality (sic!) cover.

So? Originally released 1979. Released on a CD-R ? when? in the video James is written Jemes. Master tapes or from mp3? doesn’t matter. Everything is possible. It has to be limited and soon expensive on discogs – stormy days for classic sellers

– Stormy, 1970 from the album


by the way – whenever you have the chance to see these three friendly persons live !!


their debut album History Of Flight is  gorgeous !


in summary – we love our job and our way will ever be


but please – affordable


Record Store Day 2016 – Do It

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Record Store Day 2016, do it. Check the list – here

– Do It, 1979 from the album



prices from okay to…..nonsens. For sure on our order list, because we can deal with that

– (I can) deal with that, 1977 from




and this schmankerl 10Inch

– I go shout plenty


Black Power Mural, Lexington Ave., Harlem, 1970

Black Power Mural, Lexington Ave., Harlem, 1970